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Music Can Influence Your Mood
Published By Chris on 2012-05-07 83 Views

Music is such wonderful thing; many people believe it can influence your mood as well, science has done research to show that music in fact can actually make you happy. I do believe music can influence your mood as well, thing about sometimes you play a rock song or pop or high energy but and you suddenly have higher levers of energy or you play some soft rock or loves songs and it really does calm you down and just bring you that peaceful feeling that you get deep inside of yourself.

The words to the music are just as important as the beat and melody and within the last few decades the grade of music has really depreciated. Now I am not going to call any names because you can tell for yourself just put on the radio. There is not much meanings to the songs any more, all people sing about now is money, cars, songs filled with profanity and this is widely accepted now. Well if that’s what people are listening to don’t you think it is going to have an impact on their moods as well? It probably will. Before if a song was thought to be too vulgar it would have been band from the radio but today you put on the radio and you think they don’t censor anything no more.

Now I am not saying all music is like this but the point I am trying to bring across is that it is a much higher volume of music of this nature today than ever before and many people don’t understand how it can affect the way they think or act. Like everything mankind makes not all is good take a simple thing as sneaker s, a factory may produce millions but thousands are still recalled or found defective.

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